A brave gorilla rescues a gazelle from a leopard


Gorillas are mammals (pirimat) with the most important dwelling backbone – this group contains monkeys, chimpanzees, and people. A mature male gorilla is roughly 2 meters tall and weighs 200 – 300 kilos. When he opens his arms, his arms attain a median of 250 cm and 4 to eight males are humanly sturdy. Grownup feminine gorillas are on common half the scale of males.

Like people, gorillas have 2 arms and two legs and a complete of 20 fingers. It has two small ears going through ahead and 32 enamel on both facet of its head. Nonetheless, his arms are very lengthy and stronger than his legs. When a mature male gorilla reaches the age of 15, it takes on a darkish black coloration.

There are three sorts of gorillas: Western Lowland Gorilla, East Lowland Gorilla, and Mountain Gorilla. These names have taken from the setting the place they reside in Africa. Mountain Gorillas are probably the most endangered species and presently reside round 400 to 600 mountain gorillas.


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