A hyena’s is many times stronger than a cheetah’s. The hyena’s jaws are really powerful and can crush bone six inches thick. Its neck and shoulder muscles are also very strong.


They’re animals with huge ears and powerful jaws. They even shred and digest the hip bones of cattle. Since their feces include bone fragments, they grow to be fossilized over time. Since they eat and devour animal carcasses, they act as a sanitary officer and stop the unfold of foot and mouth illness. They are often simply tamed. They’re disliked as a result of they launch a foul odor from their undertail glands. The traditional Egyptians wore a leash and walked with them like canines.

The most important of the hyenas is the noticed hyena. It’s aggressive and predatory. When he’s very hungry, he doesn’t hesitate to assault even outdated lions and rhinos. It’s discovered nearly in every single place in Africa south of the Sahara. Chestnut coloured pores and skin with black spots. Its size is 1.5 meters, its top is 90 cm and its weight is as much as 80 kg. They wish to hunt in teams. They’re additionally referred to as “laughing hyenas” as a result of they make laughter-like sounds once they discover prey. For a very long time, it was thought that they have been bisexual as a result of the exterior look of the reproductive organs of each women and men have been comparable.


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