An elephant survival against 12 lions


On the banks of the stream, an excellent battle for survival is mirrored within the cameras.An elephant is struggling to outlive towards 12 lions and the elephant doesn’t simply give up.
Elephants are the biggest and strongest land animals on the planet at present. The bodily traits of those animals, that are included within the mammalian class, are as follows;

The elephant’s physique is roofed with a thick, onerous grey pores and skin.
Elephants, like all mammals, have hair, however these brief, onerous and sparse hairs might be felt by contact fairly than by the attention.
Elephants’ thick and bushy lashes, then again, can attain a size of about 12-13 centimeters.
There’s a cluster of wire-like feathers on the finish of their lengthy, string-like tail.
Elephants have very giant heads, small eyes, and enormous ears.
Their brains are fairly small in comparison with the dimensions of their our bodies and weigh a median of 4-6 kg.
Two horns, referred to as ivory, are positioned on the perimeters of elephants’ mouths and lengthen out of the mouth, and these horns proceed to develop all through the elephant’s life.
The trunks of elephants are their higher lips and noses joined collectively and elongated. Elephants use their trunks to understand meals and place it of their mouth, to spray water into their mouth after sucking, to seek for suspicious objects and harmful lands, and to indicate affection.


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