Angry hippo attacks wild dogs and antelope


Wild dogs squeeze the antelope on the water’s edge, whereas the hippopotamus sees this and the group disbands. The hippopotamus, which at first protects the antelope and drives away wild canines, then does one thing surprising. a herbivorous mammal. The legs are quick and the top is large in its barrel-like cumbersome physique. Its toes have 4 fingers. Its ears and eyes are very small and its tail is brief.

Its thick hairless pores and skin weighs half a ton. It spends most of its life in water. Whereas resting on land, they put their heads, weighing a ton, on one another’s again. He doesn’t hesitate to swim among the many crocodile flocks. It’s the animal with the most important mouth after the whale. It has sharp, sturdy enamel that assist to take away and lower plant roots. The size of canine enamel which are always on the decrease jaw reaches 60 cm. It may well catch as much as an individual working on land.

It swims very comfortably within the water. His ears, eyes, and nostrils are on the prime of his head. Since they keep outdoors whereas swimming on the water floor, they’ll simply breathe, see and listen to round. Nostrils shut when immersed in water. It may be submerged below water for 10-Half-hour. He can run within the backside. It’s an indignant and courageous animal. Generally it knocked over small boats and boats and destroyed folks.


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