Angry hippo’s are wreaking havoc and attacking lions


Angry hippo’s are wreaking havoc and attacking lions. Hippos, which develop into very dangerous when angry, even hunt lions. The pores and skin of hippos secretes a red-orange liquid with sunscreen impact. These crimson pigments, which defend the pores and skin from ultraviolet rays, even have an anti-bacterial characteristic.

This protects hippos from many ailments. Hippos can assault after they really feel threatened. In Africa, extra folks died because of a hippo assault than an elephant or lion assault. The jaws of those creatures, which might open their mouths as much as 1.2 meters, can smash objects like a hammer. These creatures would not have sweat or sebaceous glands. Unable to sweat, hippos want water to chill off.

Arduous leather-based

The pores and skin of hippos consists of three layers. Solely the pores and skin of a 1500 kg hippo weighs 270 kg! Regardless of this thick pores and skin, which gives excellent safety, they will nonetheless really feel most issues.

Quick giants

It’s the third largest land mammal after elephants and rhinos. Do not be fooled by their chubby and indulgent seems to be. They will run at a pace of 30 km per hour. Nevertheless, they can not bounce.

Asocial and nameless

Though they reside in massive teams of fifty members and have bodily contact, it can’t be mentioned that they’re very fascinated with hippos and their fellows. Since they reside alone in precept, the teams they type are additionally continuously altering. It simply would not depart after its mom till the cubs attain maturity.

Why are they referred to as “Nile stallions”?

Hippos are additionally referred to as “Nile stallions” as a result of they had been first found on the banks of the Nile River. Nevertheless, this identify is just not used anymore as a result of there aren’t any hippos on the banks of the Nile River at present. Hippos are principally present in South Africa.


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