Attacking like a warplane, the eagle bird attacks the wolf hunt on the ground


It is without doubt one of the uncommon chicken species that may fly excessive.
It has an extended and curved beak and large wings. And it reaches a size of two meters.
Their viewing angle is excellent and due to this fact they pinpoint their prey. They’ll attain speeds of 350 km.
They dwell with one companion all through their lives and dwell in the identical house.
They provide a most of 4-5 eggs. Each three hours they rotate the egg in order that it doesn’t stick. As dad and mom, they anticipate the nest in flip. Incubation intervals are 7-8 weeks. The largest of the hatchlings eats different siblings. The mom and father watch this and don’t intervene. It is a results of the wild nature of eagles.
An Eagle who turns 4 to five years outdated is taken into account an grownup.
About twenty species of eagles dwell. Probably the most recognized ones; Golden Eagle, Bunny Snake Eagle, Black Eagle, Steppe Eagle.

Snake turns into probably the most eagle in Turkey. It catches the snake rigorously and takes off very excessive. He leaves the snake on the rocks. The snake hitting the rocks dies and the Eagle comes again and takes its prey.
They dwell between 70 and 100 years on common. They by no means love captivity.
It’s robust and has change into the image of many international locations, political events and soccer golf equipment because of its noble stance. In historical past, many main states have used the double-headed eagle determine, which implies to characterize faith and state affairs.


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