Big cats are masochistic predators and they prefer to torture their preys for a while before eating them.


It’s a quick, swish and agile animal from the hornbill household, with slender lengthy legs, vivid huge eyes. Additionally known as gazelle. There are about 30 varieties. Because it has a yellow-brown physique, it’s simply camouflaged to the earth shade. They’ve clear spots on their backs. Their abdomens are white and the tip of their quick tails is tasseled. It lives in deserts and steppes. It’s uncommon in wooded areas. Plentiful in sandy lands. It lives in herds on the plateaus and grasslands beneath the deserts in Africa, Arabia and South Asia. Their horns usually are not branched. It’s barely curved and ringed. His posture on his head is sort of a bow. The rings don’t have anything to do with age.

Some females are hornless. In instances of anger, males struggle. East African gazelles are unfold over the grasslands through the wet season. Because the dry season approaches, herds transfer west to search out new pastures. Throughout this journey, they mate in June. The gestation interval is 5-6 months. Because the wet season approaches once more, they return in small teams to the outdated pastures and unfold there. The feminine provides beginning to a single child, suckles the newborn for six months and takes care of it for a yr. Gazelles, who’ve handed into poems with their comfortable eyes and large vivid eyes, can run very quick and make excessive jumps. Whereas grazing in herds, one among them acts as a watchman. It’s hunted for its meat and pores and skin. Lives as much as 10 years.


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