Finally the snake is defeated by the mongoose.


Asian cobra (Naja naja): Often known as Indian cobra and spectacled cobra. This cobra is present in a large area from the Philippines, Taiwan and Southern China, together with the East India and Southeast Asia Line, westward to Iraq and Iran. Adults are between 1.3 and 1.6 m tall. Its shade adjustments in line with the area the place it’s positioned. For instance, the Philippine cobra is a geographic species of the Asian cobra and is a darkish brown snake. However in different elements of the area, the Asian cobra could also be light-colored, mottled, striped, or jet black. For the reason that Asian cobra feeds on rodents, it lives on the outskirts of villages and cities the place rats abound. Though it isn’t significantly aggressive, it causes extra lack of life than all different snakes, since it’s present in residential areas. The estimated quantity of people that die from snake bites, particularly cobras, in Southeast Asia is between 20,000 and 40,000 annually. A medium-sized cobra has sufficient harmful venom to kill 10 individuals. There are solely survivors who’ve been bitten by the cobra. Snake charmers typically play the Asian cobra.

King cobra (Naja hannati): Probably the most spectacular of all snakes, it’s 5.5 m lengthy and weighs 9 kg. The one snake that nests amongst snakes is the king cobra. The feminine builds a two-storey nest of grass and leaves, 46 cm excessive. There are eggs downstairs. Through the incubation interval of the eggs, the feminine guards the highest. The king cobra is a snake-eating cobra. In contrast to the Asian cobra, it doesn’t reside in residential areas, so circumstances of king cobra chunk are very uncommon. However these bitten might not survive for even an hour except they’re promptly handled with an antidote.


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