Fun fact the closer you get to a honey badger the more you regret your life decisions.


In keeping with the previously believed story; Better honeyguide birds take the honey badger to the honeycomb after which patiently await the honey badger to open the hive and eat the honey and bee larvae. When the honey badger leaves the hive, they feed on the remaining wax. Nonetheless, the truth that this occasion was not noticed signifies that such a factor didn’t happen. Mom honey badgers present meals, shelter and safety to their younger till they grow to be impartial between twelve and twenty-two months.

Males don’t participate in elevating the offspring. Honey badgers are polygamous and there’s no particular interval by which offspring are born. Their gestation interval is six to eight weeks and so they typically give beginning to at least one calf. Honey badgers have lengthy our bodies and brief legs; physique size is within the vary of 55–77 cm, tail size is within the vary of 12-30 cm. Females are smaller than males; Males weigh between 9 and 16 kg, and females between 5 and 10 kg. Their pores and skin may be very free and thick; The slackness offers them the flexibility to spin freely and struggle when caught. Honey badgers are animals of dry habitats and stay in these areas. They often stay alone. Their highly effective entrance claws are very helpful for digging burrows. They’re omnivores and devour something edible; equivalent to rodents, birds, bugs, reptiles, frogs, fruit and veggies.


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