Giraffe Trying to Save Its Baby from Lions


canimals to live on land. However, there are even stranger things to know about them. We have put together 6 interesting details for you.
Giraffes are among the most known and beloved animals living in the zoo. However, giraffes still harbor many surprising facts. Some of these are giraffes being black or white, making strange noises at night, and even living in the palace of a Chinese emperor in the 1400s. Let’s take a look at the surprising facts of these animals.

There are actually four types of giraffes:
Until 2016, there was only one known species of giraffe. Because giraffes were not studied until other large African mammals. After a five-year study and DNA analysis, it was revealed that there are 4 different species of giraffes. These are: Reticulated giraffe (giraffe reticulata), Masai giraffe (giraffe tippelskirchi), Northern giraffe (giraffe camelopardalis) and Southern giraffe.


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