Hedgehogs do look weak but they got sharp teeth.


It’s a mammal with its again lined with spines. They’ve spherical noses, small ears, and eyes that seem like they’re about to come out. The senses of listening to and scent are extremely developed. They’ve 5 toes on their ft. Their peak is 13 cm. with 30 cm. varies between Its weight is 400 gr. With 1200 gr. varies between The size of the spines is 2 cm. with 3 cm. and their diameters are between 1 and a pair of mm. A hedgehog has a median of 6,000 spines on its physique. Of the hedgehog species, solely the Malayan hedgehog is thornless. In case of hazard, it takes the form of a ball to defend itself and protects itself towards threats with its spines. They’ve a median lifespan of 18 years. Some species of hedgehogs throw their spines on the endangered creature to defend themselves when in peril. They’re extremely immune to poisons, particularly snake venom. They’ll face up to many occasions extra poison than people can face up to.

They’re continuously seen in Asia, Europe and New Zealand. They normally desire to stay in locations that wouldn’t have a lot altitude. Species that stay in temperate climates hibernate in excessive chilly, and species that stay in extraordinarily sizzling areas, particularly deserts, hibernate in summer time. They’ll run, climb, and swim. They normally construct their nests underground and fill it with moss and leaf-like vegetation, and so they typically have two exit holes. They use their spines to hold leaves and moss to their nests. They roll over the leaves they like, get them caught of their spines and carry them to their nests. They largely have separate nests that they use in summer time and winter. They normally meet their meals wants by searching at evening. They meet their meals wants by searching worms, cockroaches, frogs, beetles, slugs, mice and snake infants. Once they must, additionally they feed on plant meals.


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