Hippos are very deadly, they can easily turn around without any warning.


Though the outdated ones like solitude, they generally kind teams of 6-15 people. Males struggle violently with international teams. Because it feeds by uprooting aquatic grasses, it prevents the rivers from clogging with vegetation. It’s a residing comb of nature. Some nights a hippopotamus eats 70 kg of grass in a single night time. It’s the largest land animal after the elephant. It secretes a pink oily liquid from its pores and skin in opposition to drought. It’s popularly stated that he shed bloody sweat. This secreted substance can also be an antiseptic.

There are two species left on earth. Hippopotamus(Nile hippo) and pygmy hippopotamus. The hippopotamus lives in areas from South Africa to Sudan. It’s 4.5 meters lengthy and 1800 kg in weight. Typically people weighing as much as 4 tons are additionally discovered. Yawns threateningly when indignant. Throughout mating phases, males interact in violent fights that result in loss of life. It could actually breed in any season of the yr. Because of an 8-month being pregnant, she often offers beginning to a 50 kg offspring on land.


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