His father must be a great King, with an unwavering fighting force … this young lion has a great future … but, he should form a coalition in order to retain his leadership in the long term.


Weight and top fluctuate in keeping with gender. The load of the male lion is between 190-280 kg, relying on the surroundings he lives in. The feminine lion is lighter than the male and its weight varies between 110-150 kg. In dimension, males are superior to females. The size of the male is between 2.4-2.7 m, whereas the size of the females is round 2.1-2.3 m. After they stand on their toes, their top is 87-93 cm for males and 70-75 cm for females.

The male lion is an entire image of energy. His shoulders, toes and chest are extraordinarily muscular. He can break the backbone of an average-sized animal with one claw blow. Regardless of its robust construction, it approaches its prey very quietly on its specifically designed claws. The nails have a really sharp construction and could be pulled in when they need. They’ve a ahead imaginative and prescient even in very low mild. Thus, lions can hunt at evening as nicely. As a result of they cannot transfer their eyes very a lot backward and forward, they’ve to show their heads to have a look at an object on the aspect.


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