How sad to see the female trying to get up again and again despite all her wounds.


The lion (Panthera leo) belongs to the household of carnivores and felines. Lions have been accepted as an emblem of delight and braveness on account of their power, nature and majestic look. The full size of the lion is 3 meters, it has half a meter and this belongs to the mane and tail. Lions have an imposing and extremely attribute look and owes this look to their manes. Manes develop with age. On common, lions’ manes develop by about 4-5 years, so grownup lions haven’t solely longer, but in addition bushier manes than youthful ones. Lions journey in packs, with multiple male lion and a dozen feminine lions in them.

They reside along with their cubs as a median of 30 lions. Whereas feminine lions care for prey and kids, male lions defend their space from male lions belonging to different herds. Lions can reside a median of 10 years. Lions, which may reside for 12-14 years within the wild, can reside as much as 20 years when cared for underneath particular care. When the lion reaches the age of three, he leaves the pack he was born in and, along with the opposite lions, they kill the lions that defend them as a way to take over the opposite herds. Lionesses, alternatively, keep within the herd for all times.


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