How will the buffalo survive among so many lions?


Buffaloes are giant wild bulls recognized for his or her power and courageous disposition. The construction of the horns in all species is completely different. In African buffaloes, they’re comparatively brief, develop to the perimeters and curl upright in an arc, the bottom of the horns is thickened, forming a helmet on the brow. Indian buffalo horns are very lengthy. It has a barely flattened and crescent-shaped form, directed to the perimeters and again. Their horns have a brief construction and are directed backwards. Within the buffalo, sexual dimorphism is properly expressed. Females are 1.5 instances smaller than males, have brief horns or no horns in any respect. The wool of all buffalo species is brief and uncommon, solely on the finish of the tail it’s a brush fabricated from lengthy hairs.

Buffaloes are normally black in shade. In Asian species, the legs are lighter than the trunk. Buffaloes are inhabitants of heat international locations. African buffalo lives are noticed all through Africa (sub-Saharan) and sparsely within the savannas. Buffalo Asian herds can typically have as much as 100 animals. Indian buffalo herds dwell in teams of 5-10 people. African buffalo dwell in herds of 300-400 animals as much as 1,000 within the previous days of their herds. Asian species are discovered close to lengthy our bodies of water to graze at evening and at nightfall and dwell in mud within the afternoon. African buffaloes have the same every day routine however spend extra time ruminating at midday.


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