Hyena haters really confuse me, they’re either only scavengers and never kill their own prey or they’re mindless evil killers who eat their prey alive. THEY CANT BE BOTH


Crucial characteristic of hyenas is the energy of their jaws. It’s said that they’ve the identical stage of jaw energy as many crocodile species. Hyenas don’t select between carrion and contemporary meat, they’ll eat something when they’re hungry. One of many the reason why they aren’t preferred by individuals is that they begin to eat many herbivorous animals within the meals chain earlier than they die. At this level, non-selective hyenas break even bones when they’re hungry and eat them one after the other. This will also be thought-about as one other indicator of how robust their jaws are.

These ugly-faced creatures, whose hind legs are shorter than their entrance legs (additionally known as smiling face in African language.) Though they are often seen sometimes in the course of the day, they normally come out at night time and hunt. In fact, this doesn’t imply that they’re adept at searching, as a result of hyenas love freebies. That is the place carrion and consuming habits come from. Many wild animals take their prey from the fingers of the hunted animals and devour them. Even lions have been seen taking their prey from their fingers.


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