I had no clue hippos could move so quickly on land! Especially to run down a wild dog!


It floats effectively in water. Its ears, eyes and nostrils are on the highest of its head. As they keep exterior whereas swimming on the water floor, they’ll breathe simply, can see and listen to. Nostrils shut when submerged in water. It may possibly keep underneath water for 10-Half-hour. It may possibly run on the backside. It’s an offended and courageous animal. Typically it knocks over small boats and rowboats, tearing individuals aside.

Though the previous ones like solitude, they generally type teams of 6-15 people. Males combat violently with international teams. Because it feeds by uprooting aquatic grasses, it prevents the rivers from turning into clogged with vegetation. It’s a dwelling comb of nature. Some nights a hippopotamus eats 70 kg of grass in a single night time. It’s the largest land animal after the elephant. It secretes a pink oily liquid from its pores and skin towards drought. It’s popularly stated that he shed bloody sweat. This secreted substance can also be an antiseptic.


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