In an unexpected moment it hits /bites the snake on its vulnerable part ie the head of the snake.


Egyptian cobra (Naja haje): A cobra species present in tropical arid areas from the Arabian Peninsula to Africa. It reaches as much as 2.6 m in size. They’re obtainable in lots of colours from gentle brown to black. These cobras, whose backs are yellow, have a really sturdy venom. A creature bitten by an Egyptian cobra dies inside ten minutes. This snake is named the sacred snake of the traditional Egyptians. Spitting cobra (Naja nigricdlis): It’s a cobra species dwelling in arid areas of Africa. Its peak is between 2 and a couple of.3 m. Usually, this snake doesn’t chunk to defend itself, however it shoots venom into the eyes of the opponent within the type of two jets from its slotted venom fangs in opposition to a doable enemy.

It may possibly spray its venom from 2-3 m away. The venom sacs of the spitting cobra have a bigger opening in entrance of the venom tooth than different cobras. The poison is thrown out with a sure stress. It may possibly squirt poison 12-20 occasions in a row at brief intervals. The poison doesn’t hurt human pores and skin, but when it hits the eyes, it could actually trigger injury as much as blindness if not washed with water or milk instantly. A single drop of poison that hits the mouse’s eye is sufficient to kill the animal. Canines that encounter a spitting cobra within the discipline return house with their eyes partially blind. Cobra is the frequent identify of assorted snake species within the Elapidae household. They normally stay within the deserts and tropics of Asia, Australia and Africa. Their lengths range between 1 and 6 meters. This snake, whose venom is lethal, causes the demise of hundreds of individuals in India, the place it’s common. These snakes are normally crimson, brown and yellow in shade.


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