It is the Cheetah’s best interest to kill as fast possible therefore reducing the cries of the prey which will alert larger and more dangerous predators such as Lions and Hyenas to his kill.


Feminine cheetahs produce 3 to five offspring after conception and their gestation interval lasts for 3 months. Puppies weigh 150 to 300 grams at start. Cubs are born noticed and have a white vest on their backs. This whitish fur fades because the cubs develop. When the cubs are about 6 months outdated, the mom cheetah first teaches them to keep away from predators comparable to hyenas and lions. In complete, child cheetahs can stick with their moms for as much as 18 months. On this course of, they be taught to hunt and develop different skills beneath the supervision of their moms.

Though the mom cheetah by no means took her eyes off her cubs, seventy p.c of her cheetahs are killed earlier than they develop up by lions and hyenas. After 18 months of maternal supervision, the cubs are separated from their moms in the event that they survive. After this course of, sister cheetahs keep collectively for 6-8 months with out their moms. Then the feminine cheetahs depart this group and go their separate methods. Nonetheless, male cheetahs will not be as sturdy as females, they can not survive with out cooperation with different males. If a cheetah can keep wholesome within the wild, it might probably stay for about 12 years. Cheetahs in captivity can stay as much as 17 years.


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