It’s a good job that crocs aren’t as smart as they’re sometime billed. I mean, if they were to simply wait unseesn underwater and grab legs, that surely, would be a lot more productive.


The crocodile breeding season is from January to Might. For males, the onset of sexual maturity happens after they attain a size of about 3 meters, and for females, after they attain a size of two to 2.5 meters. It usually takes about 10 years for each female and male crocodiles to achieve these lengths. In the course of the mating season, males appeal to females by banging their noses, spraying water from their noses, and making varied vocalizations. Bigger males of a neighborhood are usually extra profitable at attracting females. After they handle to lure a feminine, the pair warmth up and rub the undersides of their jaws collectively.

After the crocodiles have mated, the feminine crocodile lays about 20-40 eggs annually in a nest close to the riverbank. It covers the nest with leaves and different vegetation. Rotting vegetation retains the eggs heat and moist. Incubation temperature for crocodile eggs is 28-32 levels, relative humidity is 95-100%, incubation interval is 70-80 days. The feminine stays within the nest and guards the eggs till the eggs hatch. When the fry are able to hatch, they make sounds. The feminine crocodile opens the nest and carries the younger to the water. They instantly start to feed on crabs, shrimps and bugs. About half of the offspring die within the first yr on account of predators.


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