It’s ironic, a member of big cat family is hunting a catfish.


Folks hunt leopards for his or her hides, killing their animals, typically attacking individuals, and for his or her hides. These with a weight of 90 kg are very uncommon. The pelt is gentle yellow, with black ring-shaped spots on the again and sides. The center elements of the spots are darker than the colour of the cover.

It kills its prey by biting its neck, breaking its neck, or chopping its jugular vein. It principally eats its prey by dragging it by the neck and taking it to a excessive department of a tree as a precaution in opposition to looters. It lives for 20 years. Matches any month of the 12 months. 98-105 days pregnant. The feminine offers start to 2-5 cubs along with her eyes closed, in a rock hole or among the many roots of a fallen tree. The puppies’ eyes open after 10 days.


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