It’s nice to see a Rhino and Elephant with their tusk’s still on. They are nice animals and the ivory taking must stop.


The most important and strongest of the land-dwelling mammals. The peak of the African elephant is 3-4 meters, and its weight reaches 6-7 tons. Its top can typically exceed 7 meters. The Asian elephant, however, is 6 meters lengthy, 2 meters excessive on the withers, and a mean weight of 3-4 tons. Its legs are spherical within the type of a column, with 5 fingers and small nails. It feeds on grass and skinny tree branches. He drinks a number of water, doesn’t ruminate. Regardless of its measurement, it’s agile and a superb swimmer. Two perforated proboscis happens when the nostril and higher lip merge and lengthen. This organ, which consists of greater than 40 thousand muscular tissues, is used as a device for touching, smelling and greedy, in addition to absorbing water and spraying it into the mouth. The top of the proboscis ends with two lips that reach like a finger within the African elephant, and a single lip within the Indian elephant.

It’s delicate sufficient to choose up a pin, highly effective sufficient to throw a human 40 meters away and uproot a tree. The sense of listening to and particularly the sense of scent may be very robust, versus the sense of sight, which isn’t very robust. Its hose is continually in movement and bends to the correct, left and again to sense even the weakest odors that the wind can carry. A blind elephant can discover its method with none issue with its sense of scent. An elephant doesn’t drink with its trunk. He pulls the water into his hose and sprays it into his mouth. In sizzling climate, they cool off with the water they spray on their again. The hose can maintain as much as seven liters of water. It plucks fruit from the branches with the tip of the hose and takes it to its mouth.


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