Leopard and Wild Boar Survival Battle


The incredible war of survival of leopard and wild pig has been caught on camera and you can witness a beautiful encounter. The battle of the strong continues to survive in the wild.The leopard is a wild cat found in the feline family. Foliage forest etc. like tigers. likes to live in environments.

What animals does the leopard hunt?
Antelope etc. He loves hunting mammals.

What color is leopard skin?
They have light yellow skin with black spots on the top.

What should we do if a leopard attacks?
Running away from a leopard is the worst choice. There is an animal that can run almost as fast as a cheetah. Most experts recommend fighting the animal until it dies.

How much does a leopard weigh?
Leopards can weigh up to 100 kilograms. They can jump into trees very quickly and successfully.
The leopard is a type of cat in the feline family. Known for their fast running, these wild animals are good predators with very strong senses. While their length can reach up to 90 cm, this length can reach 2.5 meters with their tails.

There are black spots on their coats. They mostly like nocturnal hunts, when daylight is dominant, they stay still for a long time and rest in shady places and conserve their energy. They stand out with their success in hunting. So much so that despite their weight of 50 to 60 kg, they are extremely successful in climbing high places and treetops.


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