Leopard squeezes its head in metal pot then people try to save leopard


The leopard squeezes its head in the metal pot, then the people try to save the leopard. The leopard, who is very hungry and enters the dwelling house of individuals to feed his abdomen, places his head in a pot to eat, however he will get caught within the pot. Then the individuals come collectively to save lots of the leopard and what occurs. Let’s give some details about leopards.

A big cat belonging to the genus cats (Felidae) of the mammalian class. Leopards have a protracted tail. Typically, their tails are greater than half the size of their physique. Their head is massive and spherical, and their jaws are protruding ahead. Their necks are quick, their legs are of medium peak and powerful. Their coats are brilliant and brilliant, with black spots on reddish yellow. They dwell in forests lined with broad-leaved timber, in steep cliffs lined with shrubs and maquis, or in massive and deep valleys.
They climb very effectively, run quick and bounce lengthy. They’re carnivores. Their meals is deer, wild goats, wild boars, antelopes, monkeys and different small mammals. They’re particularly keen on looking canines. They won’t assault individuals except they’re compressed.

Varieties: There are varieties comparable to black panther, Persian leopard, Javanese leopard, African leopard, and Chinese language leopard. A predatory mammal from the feline household that lives in Asia and Africa. Often known as leopard or panther.


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