Little did I know how dangerous a leopard can be especially to pets like dogs etc.


A predatory mammal of the feline household, native to Asia and Africa. Also referred to as leopard or panther. It’s smaller and lighter than the tiger and lion. It’s 210-270 cm lengthy with the tail and weighs as much as 50 kg. These with a weight of 90 kg are very uncommon. The pelt is mild yellow, with black ring-shaped spots on the again and sides. The center elements of the spots are darker than the colour of the conceal. It’s generally confused with cheetah and jaguar due to its spots. The leopard’s spots are ringed, whereas the cheetah’s are full. Additionally, a black line runs from below the cheetah’s eyes to its chin. In the course of the darkish circles of the jaguar is a small black spot. The leopard rapidly adapts to its location. Stains on its pelt make it tough to tell apart it from the atmosphere. It provides him a superior camouflage capacity. On this approach, they’ll simply strategy their prey. It’s present in semi-deserts, moist forests and mountains. It’s hardly ever seen across the southern Taurus Mountains and Aydın in Turkey. Though its coloration is often mild yellow, black-skinned ones can be discovered within the East Indies. It is known as a black panther. On this case, there are traces of black shiny rings on it once more.

It ambushes home cattle and sheep, monkeys, deer and antelopes. It’s sneaky, deceitful and predatory. It enters the homes and strangles and takes away the pet canine. He’s keen on monkey and canine meat. It kills its prey by biting its neck, breaking its neck, or slicing its jugular vein. It often eats its prey by dragging it by the neck to a excessive department of a tree as a precaution in opposition to looters. There are additionally man-eaters. Leopards wish to roam alone outdoors of the breeding season. They’re often energetic at evening. Mendacity in ambush, it leaps onto its prey, or climbs up on tree branches and jumps onto the backs of animals that move below it. These dwelling in Asia are sometimes known as leopards, and people dwelling in Africa are known as Leopards. It’s the most harmful of predators. It does not hesitate to drown a herd a day.


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