Looking like these animals are not moving or getting away from predator and that is surprising. May be the animals are drugged.


The explanation for the extinction of the Komodo dragon is similar as for different endangered animals. People are the primary reason for extinction. Endangered by human strain, these animals can not unfold to different islands very a lot. Komodo dragons can not act freely as a result of people dominate the islands. Additionally, individuals hunt the prey of komodo dragons by looking in that space. As a matter of truth, this causes the komodo dragon inhabitants to lower. The animals, which have existed for hundreds of thousands of years, could be consumed by people in a century or two. The Komodo dragon is likely one of the uncommon human-eating creatures on the earth. Nonetheless, there haven’t been many deadly instances up to now. Komodo dragons are very energetic animals. These creatures are in fixed movement.

They even sunbathe within the morning to collect power. There’s a legend that Komodo dragons know of their deaths. When the Komodo dragon may be very sick, they’ll stand apart and look ahead to demise. His sickness might not enable him to maneuver a lot. This fable might have been put ahead on this approach. The Komodo dragon will not be the biggest lizard on the earth. The most important lizard is ‘Varanus salvadorii’. Also referred to as the Wooden Crocodile, it’s also a komodo dragon-like animal. The explanation why this animal is larger than the komodo dragon is that it has a really lengthy tail. Lastly, Megalania is the ancestor of the komodo dragon and have become extinct about 30-40 thousand years in the past. It was greater than 8 meters lengthy and weighed greater than half a ton.


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