Mother elephant protecting her baby against hippopotamus


While the elephant and its cub are within the water to chill off, the hippopotamus within the water tries to seize the elephant’s child. Elephants belonging to the mammals class of the animal kingdom are from the elephants household of the proboscis. There are typically two varieties of elephants. One is the Asian elephant and the opposite is the African elephant. Elephants typically reside within the African and Asian continents. Elephants are the one species from the proboscis order to outlive. The extinct species of this proboscis workforce are Mammoths and Mastodons. The biggest animals residing on land are elephants.

They use their lengthy hoses which can be used for numerous functions equivalent to catching objects. They use their very lengthy and sharp incisors to maneuver objects, dig the bottom and struggle. The elephant’s giant and huge ears assist management physique temperature. African elephants have bigger ears and a concave again. Asian elephants have smaller ears and a convex or straight again. Herbivorous elephants; They’re present in pure habitats equivalent to savannah, forest, desert, and swamp. Usually, they like to remain on the water’s edge. They’re thought-about one of many keystone species due to the impact they go away on their surroundings.
Different animals keep away from elephants, and predators equivalent to lions, tigers, hyenas, and wild canines solely assault child elephants. 

Feminine elephants normally reside in household teams consisting of a feminine and her offspring, or associated females and offspring. The chief of the group, which consists of a number of females and their offspring, is the oldest feminine. Household teams of elephants can typically come collectively to type bigger communities. Male elephants that attain puberty could go away their household group or type a gaggle alone or with different male elephants. When grownup males search for a mate to mate, they arrive along with household teams.


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