Mother Ibex Protects Her Baby From Snow Leopard


The mother ibex struggles to protect her child from the attack of the snow leopard, while the mountain goat and snow leopard, who stay in the same area, have interaction in a relentless wrestle. The snow leopard (Panthera uncia) is a uncommon huge cat that has tailored to residing in a chilly and harsh atmosphere. Its patterned fur helps it mix in with the treeless, steep rocky slopes within the Asian mountains. 

One other identify for the snow leopard is “ounce”. The identify ounce and species identify uncia derives from an previous French phrase and means “lynx”. Though the snow leopard is shut in dimension to a lynx, the jaguar, leopard and tiger are extra intently associated. Genetically they’re most intently associated to the tiger.

The fur of the snow leopard permits the cat to camouflage the rocky terrain and shield it from chilly climate. Its dense fur is white on the stomach and head lined with grey and black spots. Thick fur additionally covers the cat’s huge paws. Helps preserve slippery surfaces and reduce warmth loss.

The snow leopard has brief legs, a good physique, and a really lengthy, bushy tail that may cowl its face to remain heat. Its brief snout and small ears allow the animal to lose much less warmth. The snow leopard’s eyes are both grey or inexperienced, whereas different huge cats have golden eyes. Additionally, not like different huge cats, the snow leopard can’t roar. He growls, hisses, shrill and thus communicates.

Male snow leopards are bigger than females however have an analogous look. On common, it may be between 75 and 150 cm in size. Additionally they have a 80 to 105 cm lengthy tail. A mean snow leopard weighs round 22 to 55 kg. A big male weighs 75 kg, a small feminine 25 kg.


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