Never heard a deer scream like that before! Wow–that was something new for me! Terrible to see but I learned something different.


Feminine hyenas have a vagina inside their physique and their clitoris is elongated like a penis. This organ is discovered even in feminine puppies. Identical to the male hyena, this organ of the feminine hyena hardens when stimulated. The hyena mates with this organ and offers delivery. Earlier than mating, the feminine hyena should pull her penis inside her physique, in any other case sexual activity can’t happen. (Think about two pipes making an attempt to get inside one another…)

This organ splits when she provides delivery, so feminine hyenas have a scar throughout the penis organ. The lips of the feminine hyena’s vagina are folded, supported by fats and ligaments, and take the type of testicles. From the skin it’s fairly tough to differentiate the feminine from the male, however there are nonetheless some options that distinguish the 2 sexes. Due to their pretend penises, many individuals suppose that hyenas are hermaphrodites (hermaphrodites), which isn’t true. Additionally, feminine hyenas are normally bigger and extra aggressive than males.


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