Nice job zebra biting that lion as they are eating you alive. NEVER GIVE UP!


Zebras are one of many first animals that come to thoughts when the African continent is talked about. Zebras, that are typically social animals, lead a life in small harems or giant herds. Zebras principally reside in open grasslands as a result of there’s not a lot place to cover. Due to this fact, they’ve to maneuver very quick in an effort to survive. Due to this fact, all physique options of zebras have developed to satisfy these wants. The stripes of zebras will not be alike.

Zebras have very lengthy legs, robust muscle mass, and enormous lungs. That is why they will run lengthy distances with out getting drained or slowing down. Though the bones of zebras are mild, they’re fairly robust. Simply as each individual has a novel fingerprint, the stripes of each zebra are additionally distinctive. The black and white stripes of zebras assist cool them by reducing their physique temperature within the African warmth.


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