No attacking happened but this baby was given water and a little love that may have saved its life. So cute!


These cute animals, that are additionally known as koala bears, are literally not even remotely associated to bears, the koala is a marsupial and has far more in frequent with essentially the most recognizable animals of Australia, the kangaroo and the wombat. In different phrases, despite the fact that it resembles a bear due to its button nostril and rounded ears, the koala just isn’t a bear. Child koalas proceed to develop of their mom’s pouch for the following six months, on the finish of the primary month within the pouch, the newborn koala continues to be just one centimeter lengthy.

At 6 months, child koalas nonetheless use their mom’s pouch for sleeping and feeding, spending the remainder of their time on their moms’ backs. After spending one other 6 months on their moms’ backs, they’re now capable of transfer independently of their moms, whereas their top reaches between 63-76 centimeters. Koalas, who eat loads of eucalyptus leaves all through the day, meet their water wants from the leaves. After all, this will not be true for all circumstances, and generally koalas can drink water as a result of the liquid they get from the leaves just isn’t sufficient. Maybe essentially the most fascinating details about koalas is that these animals have fingerprints which can be extremely much like people. The rationale for that is that the best way koalas grasp with their fingers is much like ours.


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