Not only just the lion’s bite, but also the swipe from its powerful claws.


The Komodo dragon is the world’s largest lizard species residing in Asia. At this time, it lives solely on some islands of Indonesia. These are the islands of Komodo, Rinca, Flores, Gili Motang and Padar. The Komodo dragon takes its identify from Komodo, one of many islands the place it lives. The Komodo dragon is likely one of the world’s most predatory animals. It will possibly attain as much as 3 meters in size. Male Komodo dragons might be seen weighing as much as 90 kilograms and feminine Komodo dragons as much as 70 kilograms. In response to the researches, it has been decided that the Komodo dragon lived in Australia about 4 million years in the past. Because the continents diverged, the Komodo dragon is assumed to have arrived in present-day Indonesia with shifting islands and patches of land. Komodo dragons breed by laying eggs. It will possibly lay as much as 20 eggs at a time.

The Komodo dragon, which lives for a mean of 30 years, is a species that was first found in 1910. The Komodo dragon, which is at risk of extinction, is likely one of the protected creatures. Effectively-swimming Komodo dragons are prey and carnivorous. It typically feeds on animals resembling deer and wild boar. Nonetheless, it has additionally been seen that it hunts massive animals resembling buffalo. The Komodo dragon is likely one of the harmful animals recognized to assault people. Maybe probably the most curious details about the Komodo dragon is its toxic saliva. We are able to say that the chew of the Komodo dragon acts like a snake chew. The saliva of the Komodo dragon comprises some form of poison. This venom shocks its victims and prevents the blood from clotting, inflicting the prey to bleed quickly and turn into unconscious. When the child komodo dragon is born, it has to fend for itself. This era is harmful for him. Because of this, they normally full their development in bushes full of bugs. Reaching maturity in 1-2 years, komodo dragon cubs can survive for a few years as lizards that may eat nearly something and swim nicely.


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