Poor mama tiger was so tired. It took a short break and went right back to getting her Cub. Such a good mom


They’re from the household of felines. They’re carnivorous. They’re also referred to as massive cats. They’re referred to as the biggest cat species amongst tiger, lion, leopard and jaguar species. Their habitats on earth are fairly restricted. Many of the tigers, 80% of them, dwell within the Indian sub-region. Nearly all of them dwell in forested areas and areas with loads of greenery. They’re giant in measurement and are fairly good swimmers.

They don’t hunt in teams except it’s mandatory. They largely assault large-headed animals. Species resembling deer, zebra, wild boar, buffalo are the primary prey. Tigers are only a few in quantity on the planet. For that reason, they’re among the many animals that are actually extinct. The variety of tigers on the planet is round 2000 to 3000. The common weight of males is round 250-300 kg, whereas the common weight of females is round 150 kilograms. The common size of male tigers can attain as much as 3 meters, whereas the common size of feminine tigers can attain as much as 2.5 meters.


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