Predators need to eat, but sometimes the risk isn’t worth the price.


When lion cubs are born, their eyes are utterly closed and so they can not see the surroundings. Females give delivery to 2-4 cubs on common. Nonetheless, this quantity can generally go as much as 8. When puppies are first born, they’re about 25-30 cm in common. Their weight is 400-450 gr. Though his eyes are opened after 2 weeks, it takes some time to meet his imaginative and prescient perform.

Puppies can eat mushy meals as much as 4 weeks after delivery. After some time, the infant is launched to the herd by its mom. The offspring now belong to the herd and may suckle different lactating females. Lions are extraordinarily social animals and herd life is indispensable for them. Whereas a small herd consists of 4-5 feminine lions and a male lion, there could also be 15-18 females and 2-3 male lions in a big herd. In nature, there are hardly any pure enemies for grownup ones. Lion deaths by different animals often happen on the hunt (both from the horns or doublets of the prey).


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