Sea lions and pelicans claiming their rights in the Galapagos fish market hahaha


On the Galapagos fish market, uninvited friends await to feed whereas folks store round. Sea lions and pelicans, wanting their rights, race amongst themselves to get the remaining heads of the picked fish.
Though there are seven most important species identified on this planet, sea lions are thought-about as a single group referred to as “fin-footed”. Intensive research on sea lions have been carried out in researches on underwater life and fairly attention-grabbing information have been obtained.

1) Male sea lions are a lot bigger than females. The bigger the male, the extra possible it’s to be chosen for mating by the feminine sea lion.

2) Sea lions are present in all waters on this planet besides the North Atlantic Ocean. It stays a thriller why no examples of them have been discovered within the North Atlantic waters, regardless of having sufficient heat and meals for his or her lives.

3) Feminine sea lions – similar to people – feed their cubs with milk they produce in their very own our bodies.

4) Sea lions dwell in colonies and these colonies even have many subgroups. The offspring begin to kind smaller-scale teams in these subgroups across the age of about one yr. Within the researches, it has been noticed that feminine sea lions roam in herds and have a tendency to group collectively, whereas male sea lions are typically lonely.

5) Sea lions can descend to depths of as much as 183 meters for feeding functions and spend 40 minutes underwater with out surfacing. Your nostrils shut robotically as quickly as they arrive into contact with water.
6) They’ve the power to swim at 25 miles an hour. So long as they don’t really feel endangered, this price is a median of 10 miles per hour.


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