Seriously, this dude is a genius, he is able to know what those animals are saying especially the crocodiles.


Have you learnt what a hippopotamus eats? Regardless of its wild look, it’s vegetarian, that means it solely eats vegetation. Large canines may recommend they’re carnivores, however hippos feed on vegetation close to the water’s edge. They will stroll 5 km to seek out meals. Hippos pluck vegetation with their lips, not their tooth. Regardless of their large our bodies, they are often happy with 80 kg since they reside in water on a regular basis and stay immobile. So they do not want a whole lot of meals as a result of they do not spend a lot power. The hippo’s jaw can confide in 150 levels. Sure, you heard proper. The hippopotamus can open its mouth a full 150 levels. Every of the hippo’s tooth weighs 3 kilograms.

The hippopotamus spends most of its life within the water. Have you learnt why? As a result of the construction of the pores and skin of the hippopotamus prevents it from sweating. Subsequently, its pores and skin dries simply when it comes into contact with air. This isn’t good. So as to forestall their pores and skin from drying out, they spend 18 hours a day within the water and solely emerge when the solar disappears. The hippopotamus cub is born after 8 months within the mom’s womb. They normally give start to a single offspring. What’s a hippopotamus cub referred to as? The right reply is calf. Sure, as in cows, hippopotamus calves are additionally referred to as calves. Hippopotamus cubs are protected by the mom till they’re 7-8 years previous. After 18 months of suckling, hippopotamus cubs do not really need a mom. Nonetheless, the mom hippo doesn’t depart her cub till 7-8 years previous.


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