Something great happens to my heart everytime I see Lion Cubs. I love them immediately and I want to learn everything about them.


Greyvi’s zebra (E. greyvi), present in semi-deserts in North East Kenya, is the biggest zebra, reaching a top of 1.5 meters. The mountain zebra (E. zebra) of South West Africa is the smallest zebra. Its top is round 1.2 meters. However their lineage is reducing daily. The most typical in East Africa is the Burcheli (E. burchelli) zebra. There are additionally those that name it the “plain zebra”. It has not been tamed.

The gestation interval is 12 months, and the cub follows the mom instantly after beginning. African natives eat zebra meat. However for others it has a heavy style. Generally in addition they journey with antelopes and giraffes. The hybrid shaped by the mating of donkey and zebra is known as “zebroid”.


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