The eagle is a bird strong enough to lift a baboon


It is the bird that can fly to the highest altitude in the world. The eagles, whose eyesight is very advanced, nest on very high hills, at the top of the cliffs and lay their eggs there. He has a family life. They live with one partner and use the same nest all their lives. The incubation period of the eggs lasts 7-8 weeks.

The eagle, which lays a maximum of 3-4 eggs, turns it every three hours so that the eggs do not stick, and they wait for the nest as mother and father in turn. At the end of this period, the largest of the hatchlings throws the other siblings from the nest. The mother and father watch this, they do not interfere. This is a result of the wild nature of eagles. An eagle that is about 4 to 5 years old is considered an adult. After this age, adult feathers grow and their wing length approaches 2 meters. There are about twenty known eagles in the world.


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