The fastest cat in the world and an ostrich as fast as her


Ostrich is a fowl that can’t fly. Struthio survived as the one member of its species. They’re the quickest working and have the biggest egg amongst birds. The burden of the fowl, which is 2-2.5 meters tall, is between 130-150 kg. There are six identified sorts. The species referred to as the Arabian ostrich, which lived within the Syrian and Arab deserts, is now among the many extinct creatures. 

Essentially the most well-known species is the Masai ostrich dwelling in Tanzania and Kenya. Emu ostriches are shorter than others and the feminine is taller than the male. The crested ostrich is among the many most harmful species. The innermost toe of the species, which has three toes on its toes, is within the type of a dagger. Harmful with its kicks, this species can soar 1.80 meters above the bottom and swim very nicely within the water.


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