The hippo is trying to bite the elephant crossing the stream


The hippo tries to bite the elephant crossing the stream, however the elephant is conscious of this and solely pushes the hippopotamus with its hind legs and passes its wave.

Elephants, that are one of the vital fascinating members of the animal kingdom with their big ears, big proboscis and cute states, have some unusual options that individuals have no idea a lot about. We’ve compiled a few of the unknown elements of those cute animals, one of many greatest friends of the forest.

  1. Elephants, one of many largest animal species on the earth, are afraid of bees.
  2. Whereas feminine elephants roam in herds, male elephants are solitary and dwell in fixed herding.
  3. Of the mammalian proboscis class, solely elephants haven’t turn into extinct and have survived till right now.
  4. Elephants are the one mammal apart from people to have jaws.
  5. When an elephant dies from the herd, it has been noticed that they mourn for a very long time.
  6. Edison killed a internet in 1903 to check the hazard of AC present.
  7. An elephant trunk comprises roughly 50 thousand muscle tissue.
  8. The gestation interval lasts about 2 years and the new child child elephants common round 100 kilos.
  9. Elephants sleep standing up, however after some time elephants who’re caught or labored in a circus study to sleep by mendacity down like people.
  10. Once they begin working, they’ll speed up as jumps and are superb climbers.
  11. Their brains are roughly 5 kilograms and thus they’ve the title of the world’s largest mind creature.


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