The Leopard’s Effort to Feed Its Baby and Encounters with Wild Dogs


On this video, we are going to see the leopard hiding its prey on the tree, bringing the prey right down to feed its younger, then snatching its prey again onto the tree on account of the assault of untamed canines. Massive cats, which we not often encounter in our day by day lives, eat meals like different meat-eating animals by breaking them into small items with out chewing.

They do that with sharp molars that intertwine like scissors once they shut their jaws. Since these animals receive their meals by searching, they’ve very developed senses of imaginative and prescient and listening to.

The eyesight of cats could be very developed. On this manner, they’ll simply find their prey whereas searching at night time. Cats have a particular layer on the again of the retina referred to as the tapetum lucidum to adapt to little mild.

The retina consists of cells referred to as rods and cones. Rods are extra delicate to low mild than cones. And cats have extra rods than traditional. Cats’ eyes are nearer to one another than different species, which will increase their eyesight.

Cats can hear sounds between 200 kHz and 100 kHz. Because of this they’ll hear even very small sounds. For instance the footsteps of a mouse. Their delicate ears additionally permit them to pinpoint the supply of the sound.

Though their sense of scent isn’t very developed, this sense is essential for communication. Cats decide the chemical compounds within the air with a construction referred to as the vomeronasal organ simply above their mouth. They do that by opening their mouths, much like the grimace referred to as filament pose.

With this system, cats normally decide the scent of one other cat of their very own species. This organ is commonly used to detect sure urea-like chemical compounds that females secrete to sign that they’re able to mate.

Cat coats have two vital features; The primary protects the animal from environmental influences equivalent to chilly and warmth, the second serves as a camouflage, permitting them to cover from different animals.


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