The lion bites the crocodile who wants to steal its prey


The lion bites the crocodile who desires to steal its prey

The lioness has accomplished its hunt, ate it properly, and the crocodile popping out of the water whereas resting on the sting approaches the carcass.
The place do lions dwell?

Most lions dwell in Central Africa. They dwell within the African Sahara.

The a part of lions that dwell in Asia dwell within the Center East and India.

Nevertheless, many lions in Asia and Africa are endangered.

The meals the lion ate?

Lions are carnivorous creatures.

  • Lions eat meat.

What’s the common peak and weight of lions?

  • Their common weight is between 180 kilograms and 190 kilograms.
  • Their common peak is between 2 meters and a pair of.8 meters.

What are the skills of lions?

  • Their jaws are very robust.
  • They run quick.
  • It’s a harmful and predatory animal.

Lions are within the group of mammals.

Lions feed their infants with milk.

By giving delivery to lions, they make sure the continuation of their era.

Sadly, many lions are sporically killed by varied unconscious predators. Subsequently, the meals chain is endangered.


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