The Lion Swallows Its Prey In A Single Bite!


The male lion weighs on common 200 kg, virtually twice that of the feminine lion. It has yellow-brown feathers, a really agile and muscular physique, robust claws and tooth. In contrast to the feminine lion, the male lion has a reasonably massive and lengthy bushy mane that surrounds its neck. This mane could be seen in colours starting from yellow, brown, darkish brown and black. When the lion will get indignant, he will get fairly erect and swells.

When the male lion reaches the age of two, he matures and mates with many females. Pregnant females give beginning after a median of three.5 months. A lioness provides beginning to between 2 and 5 cubs at one beginning. She nurses her cubs for a median of three months after which teaches them to hunt. When it hunts, it additionally primarily feeds lion cubs. Whereas male lions struggle one another for management, they roar fairly loudly to drive away different males whereas mating and mating with lionesses. The male Leo’s best worry and anxiousness is to lose his management within the herd. Subsequently, it’s all the time on the alert to proceed to take care of its dominance.


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