The lion that angered the zebra was exposed to the zebra’s blows.


What makes zebras “zebra” is undoubtedly their black and white stripes. Genetic research present that the colours of zebras developed independently in a couple of group. This reveals that environmental strain is sort of frequent and extreme on this regard. This idea, which we name convergent evolution, signifies that completely different species evolve the identical traits at completely different occasions. On the identical time, research reveal that the final frequent ancestor of donkeys and zebras was striped. In donkeys, this striping was later destroyed, whereas in zebras it was preserved. This gives essential data for our understanding of zebra evolution.

One other research carried out on this topic that happy our curiosity is the analysis on the query of whether or not zebras have white stripes on black or black stripes on white. Up to now, zebras had been considered white in coloration, with black stripes, as a result of their bellies had been white. Nevertheless, because of the event of the science of embryology, it’s seen that this isn’t true, that zebras are literally largely black, similar to their shut cousins ​​donkeys, however afterward, white stripes are shaped.


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