The sad end of the lion who saw the hippopotamus as an easy target


    In conclusion, it may be mentioned that wild animals are extra aggressive and are extra tailored to the setting that surrounds them, whereas home animals have tailored to the capabilities that people have given them technology after technology.

    Thus, for instance, canine are loyal companions of human beings and are able to complying with each command given to them, with the ability to get pleasure from a novel relationship if they’re handled as companions and never as instruments. Within the case of birds, they’re normally raised as a supply of meals that’s shortly and simply accessible, thus avoiding a wild setting and the method of competitors for searching.

    On this manner, every species adapts to the completely different perform it has within the ecosystem and people have modified a number of for our profit, whereas others have emerged as in the event that they had been a symbiosis, as within the case of home cats, which had been those that approached human settlements from the primary second as a result of it was simpler for them to seek out meals.


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