The shark was injured by a propeller and was bleeding heavily. In the open ocean, blood attracts other sharks, and if a bigger white shark showed up, it would probably predate on this injured shark.


Whales, that are labeled as mammals, are marine animals. The lengths of the whales fluctuate between about 25 and 30 meters. As well as, the burden of whales can attain about 150 tons. Whales, the biggest sea creatures, can carry their heavy our bodies because of the buoyancy of the water. Whales are labeled as mammals due to their traits. Whales that give start and suckle their younger don’t reproduce by laying eggs like different fish. Whales are pleasant. As well as, the physique temperature of the fish can fluctuate based on the temperature of the water. Whales don’t breathe with their gills as a result of they breathe with lungs.

There are various kinds of whales, that are within the class of mammals. Toothless whales are usually divided into 4 households. As well as, there are species of sloth whales, grey whales, true whales and dwarf true whales. Relying on the kind of whales, their buildings, sizes and colours could fluctuate. Whales residing within the oceans have their very own traits. Whales’ hind limbs are smaller than their our bodies. Possibly not connected to the bone, however hidden contained in the physique. Whales’ tails are additionally horizontal and flattened. Whales have nearly no bristles. Because of the thick oil layers, they’re shielded from chilly climate. The intelligence degree of whales can also be fairly excessive.


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