The underdog of the African plains, intelligent, resourceful and relentless.


The honey badger’s pores and skin makes it proof against arrows and spears, however that does not make it bulletproof. Probably the most delicate level is the cranium. He can die if he will get a heavy blow to this half. If a hunter catches himself by the pores and skin, he can simply eliminate the scenario by bending and proceed to battle. Venom is likely one of the most threatening weapons of snakes, however the thick pores and skin of the honey badger gives safety in opposition to the venom from the snake. Other than this, it’s already proof against snake venom. The rationale for that is that the honey badger doesn’t fully distinguish between meals. They will additionally eat snakes. This makes them proof against lethal poisons as effectively.

The identical is true for the assault of bees. A while after invading the hives, it could face up to the attacking bees up to a degree and even survive their assault, however it isn’t at all times profitable in doing so. Some could die because of the bees’ assault. These wild animals can dig into laborious floor in a matter of minutes. Their sense of odor is extremely developed. Since their meals consists principally of mice and rabbits, as soon as they odor them, they will shortly dig their nests and feed on them. Honey badgers would not have a nest, however they will hardly ever keep in a single place. Generally they will additionally invade different animals’ nests. The animals that invade the nest is usually a fox or a rabbit.


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