The wild dog is preparing to attack the zebra cub.


It’s an animal smaller than a horse, with a pores and skin resembling a tiger pores and skin. It’s a single-toed species and lives in giant herds within the grasslands and woodlands of Africa. The zebra’s physique is roofed with yellowish and brown stripes; surrounds the physique of the animal in transverse stripes; it goes all the way down to the vertebrae of his ft. Like its physique, its mane is surrounded by a belt of the identical shade. Some breeds would not have these traces on the ft. Zebra is a really agile animal.

Since their eyes are very sharp and their ears are very sturdy, they discover the presence of predators from distant and begin to flee in droves. Small grass-eating animals equivalent to antelopes and the like dwell in herds close to herds of zebras, in order that they hear the hazard and start to flee. Zebras efficiently defend their offspring, sick and infirm in opposition to predators with their sturdy tangles. Some species are slowly coming to an finish.


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