Then you get people that actually believe hippos are friendly.


The hippopotamus is a mammal and is a semi-aquatic mammal. It lives in a area known as sub-Saharan Africa. Sub-Saharan Africa means south of the Sahara Desert. The hippopotamus lives close to lakes and rivers. Its evolutionary historical past is claimed to this point again 54 million years. The hippopotamus can also be regarded as an evolutionary relative of whales. The hippopotamus will be as much as 5 meters lengthy and weigh as much as 4 tons. Their legs are brief and plump. They appear like an enormous barrel. Though it appears cute, the hippopotamus will not be very docile. Hippopotamus jaw may be very wild. Canine enamel round 50 cm are used throughout fights and are very harmful.

The hippopotamus is a mammal that spends most of its life in water. Since they stay in water, their ft have developed over time to maneuver freely on slippery surfaces. Due to their 4-toed ft, they’ll stroll with out slipping. The hippopotamus has eyes, ears and nostrils on its head. On this means, they’ll simply observe the environment whereas standing within the water and cooling off. Since they stay in highly regarded climates south of the Sahara desert, they spend a big a part of the day, resembling 18 hours, within the water to remain cool. When the solar is gone, they arrive out of the water to seek out meals. Hippopotamus can stay 40-45 years. The longest dwelling hippo to this point has lived 65 years. The hippopotamus could seem sluggish with its cumbersome look and brief legs. Nonetheless, they’ll run at 48 kilometers per hour.


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