They probably felt insecure while so young and it bonded them. They comforted each other.


It hunts wild animals corresponding to tiger, deer, antelope and mountain goat, which is a predator, in addition to domesticated animals corresponding to sheep, horses and cows. It’s rumored that Bengal tigers slaughter greater than sixty thousand sheep, horses and cows in a 12 months. The principle meals sources of tigers residing in India are deer, wild pigs and peacocks. Though they’re largely nocturnal hunters, additionally they hunt in the course of the day.

Since a tiger in a cage eats round 5-6 kg of meat per day, the animal within the forest wants extra meat to feed. It may well eat 20-25 kg of meat at a time. Day by day meat wants are 8-10 kilograms. It ambushes the animals that come to drink on the water’s edge, jumps on it, knocks it down with its entrance paws, and kills it by biting it within the throat and neck. It may well overcome obstacles of 6 meters in a single bounce. Once they can’t discover herbivorous prey, additionally they hunt crocodiles, frogs and lizards. All tigers additionally eat carrion.


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